No time/$$$ now, BUT…

omg. So good. Those first few overs/6s/catches I thought my face was going to explode. Inconceivably awesome.


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4 Responses to “No time/$$$ now, BUT…”

  1. Jo~ Says:

    Sooo glad you’re having an awesome time!! Was not near a computer all day Friday and yesterday, so didn’t get to peek in to ESPN360 broken car/dialated eyes adventure – no..not an accident, but more about that later…) May try to peek in today, as I have to slave over a hot laptop for awhile.

  2. Jo~ Says:

    Fuck Time Warner Cable

  3. Cecilia Says:


  4. Mitzie Burhanuddin Says:

    My spouse and i came across this particular on google, value producing regarding, it was just what We seeking!

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