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…Aaaaaaaand, time!

June 30, 2010

Lucy, I’m home!
So I got back last night at 1 in the morning. I guess this means I’ve come to the end, since I’m back in the Bay, and there’s no more pro cricket games to blog.
I know there’s still a lot I have to fill in, and, I promise I will. I didn’t end up getting that laptop from Pickle so that kind of complicates my intended updating schedule, but I assure you I will fix all the holes + regale you with my tales of freight hopping and rides from… interesting people.


Oh, shit

June 22, 2010

Recognize that guy?

You have to admit

June 21, 2010

There is something about trains…

June 15, 2010

I axed my boy Nvee who I’ve been in contact with since before I left California what some good hitching spots out of Houston are—he stays out here. He’s gone off at length and eloquently on the benefits of hopping freights, and of course he didn’t entertain the weak-ass idea of waiting around for someone else to take pity on me and make shit happen for one second. Fuck that, he said, “you ready to become a man?” I’d already been disappointed to hear he was leaving w/ his friend eastbound at the end of the month (i.e. not westbound) but he said he’d hold my hand + point me in the right direction; chill with me at the freight yard and make sure I get on the right train. So tomorrow morning I’m kicking it with him wherever, for however long, ’til the right train rolls by, hopefully one that’s going straight to L.A., but from which I can get off in Tucson (to hitch to Phx). I have to say I was getting kind of excited hearing the trains go by tonight.

I seriously think WordPress ate my last post. No draft or anything; I know I wrote it
wt fuX0r

So much for “anything you want to.” WordPress’ editor thinks it knows better than me and is pissing me off.

I know I am way behind on writing, and it’s not like I’ve been away from a computer either; it’s not just the blog, it’s thank-you notes and now condolences and e-mail replies and BBS posts and everything. I’ve been wasting the week playing with Twitter and not-watching the World Cup and being rewarded for demonstrating my superlative brilliance by being thumbs-downed on Yahoo! Answers. Even today, when it seems like I stayed away from chat and didn’t fuck around, it was like I cleaned the kitchen, made some cookie dough, threw a load of laundry in while waiting for the butter to soften ’cause my stupid ass never remembers that, swept, baked the cookies, and then it was time to bring Print Shop Girl some lunch, which really turned into dinner and Velcro shopping. So of course that means no writing, no cleaning up the room or making the bed, etc. I don’t know whether I just try to pack in an unrealistic amount of stuff in or whether I just don’t have the discipline to do what I should.
Either way, how’s everything supposed to get done?

I can hear the whistle of the locomotive off in the distance now. 😀

Also: Tonight I wore rollerblades (*in-line skates) and it wasn’t an unmitigated disaster.

Just got the latest e-mail: “You started ignoring me, and I realized I liked it.”

It’s gonna be a long trainride.

My friends are awesome

June 14, 2010

Didi: my parents are going to be out of town from the 18-26

Didi: so if yer in the bay you can totally stay at my house

Didi: i have cable, internet, an extra bike, friendly dogs, and easy access to public transportation

Me: w0000t


Me: heart.tif

Me: :::hugs:::

Didi: no prob

Didi: i got you boo