I do occasionally post linguistic stuff here, when it comes up in the course of my travels (foreigners talk funny!) but a recent Language Log comment thread is also relevant to American cricket, as well as, my other love, baseball:

Rounders was played by boys and (far worse!) girls. The only adults who played it were strictly working class. So naturally the identification of baseball with rounders annoyed the Americans tremendously, and an ideology arose rejecting any English origin of baseball as unpatriotic. Enter Abner Doubleday…

Yes, baseball and rounders are both different codifications of a popular kind of rural game played in the southeast corner of England in early modern times. There are, or were, others, such as stoolball—which we played at school in the 1960s—and bat and trap, now almost extinct. Cricket comes from the same family tree, but diverged longer ago. They are all native to Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire.


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