Watching England vs. West Indies now. As any baseball aficionado knows, things like lowering the mound or moving in the fences takes what is, indeed, one of the central spectacles of baseball, and cheapens it. How great is a home run if you’re virtually guaranteed several, from each team, each game? Does more home runs really equal more “excitement” and more spectators? or how long does it take for audiences to become inured to this steady stream of vuelacercas? But I think baseball aficionados are the only ones who would be early adopters of cricket in the U.S. Really? You’re going to get fans of the NBA or the NFL to sit still for even 40 overs? No matter how many sixes they smash into the stands (“you mean we have to give the ball back?”) I don’t think you’re going to attract fans from more action-packed sports. In fact, you destroy perhaps cricket’s one selling point which was its original downfall: its elitism. People who like baseball, golf, tennis could get into another British sport, which could be extolled for its perceived gentlemanly virtues: An elegant game for a more civilized age.


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