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Notes in English on the Italian constitutional referendum

November 30, 2016

Do you approve the text of the constitutional law regarding "Provisions for surmounting equal bicameralism, reduction of the number of members of parliament, containment of institutional operating costs, elimination of the National Council for Economics and Labor and the revision of Title V of Part II of the Constitution", approved by Parliament and published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale No. 88 of April 15, 2016?

Not all Italians speak fluent Italian, especially when it comes to complex and nuanced policy discussions. So it’s been somewhat difficult to be fully participate in the conversation surrounding the upcoming referendum this weekend. But I have run across a few helpful English-language resources.

There are a couple “everything you need to know” guides—of course, though, these are mostly predicated on the idea you’re a worldly interested foreigner, not a voting citizen.

The BBC has a piece on italiani residenti all’estero—specifically British ones, of course.

Surprisingly for a pro-free-market publication you’d think would oppose anything that threatened the euro or EU membership and support anything streamlining government and cutting down on bureaucracy, but The Economist has endorsed a No vote.

I also remembered this graphic, which I ran across a while back:

Popolazione: 60.000.000
Senatori: 315
Deputati: 630

Popolazione: 300.000.000
Senatori: 100
Deputati: 435

Se facessimo come gli USA avremmo 20 senatori e 87 deputati.


However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all this, and straining your Italian skills watching Telegiornale trying to follow along, a recent survey found that 9 out of 10 Italians have not understood the upcoming referendum—and while frightening, at least we’re in good company.